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Service process

1, to the company for the first time: appointments by phone, we will arrange a wedding consultant companies wait for new   arrival. Interviewed about new ideas for the wedding and hope, a wedding consultant will record new ideas and requirements in detail, and please fill out our new personalized wedding party after the test table arranged a wedding give newcomers a detailed explanation of the procedures   and link combinations of frame, and displays the relevant service standard and method. According to the feature hotels, wedding size watch photos and video on the new intention of historical references, offer professional advice and determine preliminary   the designs and plans, including weddings, atmosphere, tone of the wedding, and so on.

2, the intention to pay a deposit of 500: when new people identify with our service relationship, the intention to pay a deposit of 500 Yuan. Our wedding consultants will be based on new features to further tap new wedding   theme, looking for unique ideas to highlight the wedding, the wedding more wonderful. Help you select the right wedding host, scheduled to host. Site visits and the couple go after wedding venues, check with your hotel party resources and   according to the characteristics of the site design's wedding plans, and discuss with the new plan (including the wedding process, floral decorations, lights architecture color) works out a detailed budget wedding design detail.

3, signed a service contract: a serious discussion with the new budget, listen to feedback from new, coordinated results to prepare formal contracts, contracts with contract (wedding budget detail). New audit collection   with the contents and provisions by requiring payment of booking (deposit), receiving and issuing of receipts.

4, out of the plan: upon conclusion of the contract, we provide a detailed programme for the wedding planning process scheme of the wedding the wedding music programme, the programme for the wedding photography the wedding work   phone directory of execution of the wedding and to guide new wedding items and preliminary preparation work, repeatedly communicate the details of the wedding and the day's agenda.

5, adjustment and implementation: newcomer with us under the planning processes and their related categories, wedding consultant to co-ordinate the supervision of the whole process and complete all aspects of the wedding preparation  . Scheduled completion time on the wedding preparation: arrange paiding makeup and try new makeup photos, arrange interviews with host, photographer and photography to communicate, and record the details and results of communication. Preparations in place of   conditions, couples in wedding make up the balance of the week before. The wedding day, we will work according to the contract item content, and perform all the work plan ensure a perfect implementation.

6, rehearsals: wedding ceremony is a sacred, wedding has many rituals, is not only to be able to get a perfect image but also respect for the guests. Through wedding day of rehearsal, wedding consultant will on new of wedding manners for professional of guide, for example how go wedding walks, mutual with ring, cut cake and pour champagne, of Action Guide, will let you made of each a action are very beautiful, whole field wedding aesthetic   romantic, has performances of activities also to ahead of preview for avoid wedding day too tension and errors, makes you of wedding not left regrets.

7, enjoy your lilyspring Wedding. All of our staff for your escort, just enjoy the memorable day of your life to this point!

8, late service: later progress to which we shall promptly notify late newcomers receive image and audio-visual products.