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wedding photography will usually give new image guidance, and make-up artist. These details just pre wedding photography company and discuss it.

    , wedding photography packages are given very many choices, the choice of location is how to count them, can be a garden scene, can also be a Palace Grand view, can take a nostalgic, narrative, can under the new preferences and economic capacity to make choices.

     wedding dress bodice style is mainly divided into: stomacher, harnesses, one shoulder, shoulder, v-neck, collar, t, square neck and Halter, and so on. Shooting  2 you want to select the wedding dress + 1 + 1 dress qipao, bring your own 2 sets of clothes. I selected indoor wedding dresses and dresses made out of the best, especially dress photos. Bride pictures don't just pick your clothing before, there are two people trying to see if harmony is not generation personalized wedding photography style you want.

      be a stylish bride is actually so simple, mastering shooting options. Look at the dress selection, of course, at the time of filming or sloppy, smile and perfect swing posture is also a must.