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Wedding a year in advance when Hotel-empty

"We are about to get married, but weddings hotel but couldn't find one. "On February 15, people Miss Liu (a pseudonym) complained to reporters, she said, when he paid RMB 3000 deposit, the date is agreed upon, invitations sent out recently, but the hotel has left without saying goodbye. Old man fell ill after hearing the news at home.


wedding only to find that the hotel is already closed


Liu said to reporters, April 7, 2011, at the rehe road 47th "charming Coast Hotel" book April 22, 2012 wedding size 18 tables, price per table for the 1788, signed a contract Liu pay the deposit of 3000 Yuan on the spot. Zhihou, Liu will be no contact with the hotel.


wedding after the Spring Festival approaching, wedding company wedding for Miss LAU to look at the venues, but when Liu who arrived the hotel has suffered a "bulkhead on a stick", the hotel halls are cold, the staff at the front desk told Miss Liu, hotel wedding services have not, contact the previous owner has not.


invitations have been issued   in homes for the elderly worried sick


Liu said that on hearing the news, the family was shocked, because the wedding day is only two months away, most friends and relatives are also told, some of the invitations have been sent out, sudden misfortune Miss Liu is a very passive. After the old man heard the news at home, are very anxious, had recently been ill, and when Liu spoke to reporters, due to fire my throat had hoarseness.


due to the very close to the wedding date, and change the wedding date will cause more trouble, Liu had to contact other hotels, but the situation is not optimistic, many weddings already booked at the hotel, "and if the wedding a year in advance, I can talk to hotel on price, but it is so tight now, I was forced to accept no matter how expensive. "Miss LAU said.

Reporter visits: the attractive coast frolicked


on February 15, the reporters came to visit the charming Coast Hotel and into the hotel, the reporter discovered that the Hall is deserted, and there was no one but a woman at the front desk staff, even in many places even the lights were not open. Café in the Hall benches are placed on the table, covered with dust, has apparently been out of business for a long time.


staff at the front desk said only hotel rooms still open, but only one or two guests, the rest of the sector including the wedding are closed. And she said she was just here, not familiar with before. Asked can you interview the head of the wedding, said no contact at the front desk, she says, the boss has gone before, now boss before matter is not clear.


business sector: time cannot be established the breach could not be


after the accident, Miss Liu to call the phone number when booking the hotel staff, they told her that he had resigned in November last year, and now things have no relationship with him. "You might as well take the time to contact additional hotels. "Tell Miss Liu.


out from the hotel, Miss Liu rehe road Commerce reflect the situation right away, the staff said, these days already have four or five couples find Commerce, is the same as Miss Liu. But business, he said, because the wedding date has not yet been agreed upon by both parties, so although the man could not be found, would not be found each other is default.


reminder: the charming hotel engagement party as soon as possible to the new rights


Liu said that according to her understanding, the hotel reception departments closed since new year's day this year. The couple did not know many have made the deposit, only part 3 April to married couples to know the news. There are a lot of people in the dark. "People are very busy right now, no one will book the hotel often come after. ”


in order to give newcomers a reminder, Liu also specially made a post on Green Island community, and soon, on April 15 in the hotel booking wedding couple took note of the information in a timely manner. Liu said, want to Burn one's fingers as she can unite together to find rights of way.