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Hubei "new Chinese wedding" or a new preferred

"East-by-green willows, to meet in the South, rain, long white umbrella, smiling spring culvert......" into a southern town's arena, the bride came under a rain umbrella, slowly. Groom for the beloved woman depicts's eyebrows, the bride is his name engraved on the seal. Worth noting is that bride is not a Chinese qipao, but a beautifully crafted white lace wedding dress.


yesterday, the wedding industry association of Hubei Province, by the wedding show, staged a number of Western "neo-Chinese wedding" show.


experienced wedding planner j says, full of classical culture like this, without having to wear "fengguanxiapei" wedding, is defined as "the new Chinese wedding". Introducing her, there was a period of time, Chinese weddings are very popular, but the couple wearing a red robe clothing, suona, Dragon and lion dances, gongs and drums, and other items, process is too cumbersome and noisy, and innovation on Chinese wedding, ink, Plum, Orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum and other elements of Chinese culture, newcomers can wear a suit and gown.


"the wedding like that can not only meet the needs of seniors, and young people, therefore the development of this type of new lots, this year not less than hundreds of games. "Industry sources," new Chinese wedding "drew on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala this year, massive use of LED screens to reflect mood, down to the wedding cost is high.