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Yantai mountain CPPCC proposals selected will be into wedding culture base

Construction and development of Yantai, public shelter, CPPCC proposals covering a wide range. Among them, the reporters found many ingenious proposals, make people's eyes light up. Chinese wedding culture base, the Museum of Chinese dress culture of China ... ... These innovative proposals from the CPPCC member Chen Yanqin, a very fashionable city.


proposal: Yantai mountain base into wedding culture


mountain is a landmark in Yantai, Yantai, is also an untapped commercial treasure. "National City of the sea, mountains and a lot of city, but not many cities both mountain and sea, mountains and sea park of the city is one of the few, Yantai mountain was a treasure. "CPPCC member Chen Yanqin, said," strong Yantai mountain romance, history can be a wedding culture base. ”


wedding culture base not only with the intangible capital physical capital should also be rich. Yantai mountain with more than 100 years of the Church, the Bible translation work carried out also in this church; Besides, Centennial Gallery of Holly 190 meters long, and unique in the world, many new people like to come here to take wedding photos. Chen Yanqin said, "this kind of tangible capital, can be enlarged, that is to create only one Chinese wedding culture base and attracting more domestic and foreign couples come here to shoot their wedding, honeymoons. Meanwhile, will further promote the Yantai transportation, catering and tourism, will further enhance the visibility of Yantai. Yantai is not only well known for its wine, fruits and vegetables and other large sections, if one more wedding culture base, businessmen more room, visitors and newcomers will be a good place. ”


leveraging: to establish a Museum of Chinese dress culture of China


Chinese wedding culture base will also promote the development of traditional culture---the cheongsam. "Although the new people are dressed in wedding photos, but every bride has a dream dress, on the wedding day wear qipao. "Chen Yanqin said," now, foreigners love of dress than the Chinese. "In her opinion, Yantai with a long history of culture, relying on wedding culture base, you can also establish a Museum of Chinese dress culture in Yantai, while Chinese dress culture flourish again, Yantai love cheongsam and foreigners attracted to visits, weddings, so as to generate economic benefits.


cheongsam is a symbol of China, people's bones, the qipao have deep sense of identity. "We are clothing companies can design a sports style, dress and casual style of dress styles. But with the economic development of Chinese culture was ignored by the public. "Chen Yanqin says wants to awaken public awareness of qipao, cheongsam, China needs to establish a Museum of culture, so that more people have the opportunity to learn about the history and development of Chinese cheongsam.


extension: children need to develop dressing


at present, people's awareness of the cheongsam is not enough, this needs to start dressing since childhood. All primary and secondary schools in the urban areas, whether indoor or outdoor classes, wear sportswear-style uniforms, which will enable students to inadvertently lose training opportunities to dressing. "Both Europe and America, and Japan and South Korea, uniforms have several sets of elementary and middle school students, school dress, wearing sportswear, as well as in physical education, so you can engage students in dress habits, students grow up, will be able to master basic dressing. "Chen Yanqin said.


many members felt that many parents complained that the children were dressed like comparisons, like brand names. In fact, the concepts of primary and middle school students and do not have the money, they just love beautiful things. "From this point, the students do not have their own judgment, or develop good habits. At this point, if schools and parents give kids a certain dress code Guide, kids can choose different styles of school uniform, name brand is not blindly. "Chen Yanqin said, as students learned about the dressing, fashion culture, we will have a better understanding, correct aesthetic values and life, grew up to become a man of dress sense.