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The first all-round guide book, marriage, the wedding was published

Set a wedding date, watched the day fast approaching, wedding haven't filmed what style, what price the wedding company the most affordable, and candy wedding a bunch of things were not done ... ... Really don't know where to start! Don't worry, Chinese wedding portals for a long time first marriage network • marriage edited by perfect wedding guide was published, that there must be what you want to know the answer!


February 2012 official published of married's • perfect wedding manual Department a this for is into marriage hall of new provides of practical wedding full guide book, content covers wedding early preparatory, and wedding items procurement, and wedding consumption price compared, addition also has various success, and vivid of theme wedding instance introduced, altogether share has 40 bit married new of real wedding planning case, full for associate new provides marriage practical guide.


it is worth mentioning that, the wedding • perfect wedding guide for the tense preparations for the wedding couple to save time, specially selected 42 homes nationwide chain of wedding, wedding photo studio and hotel information, along with the marriage industry coupon, save time without worry about eliminating the need for couples to haggle.


journalist privilege of on-site interviews to a wedding theme appeared in the marriage • friends of perfect wedding guide "the little bubble": "my wedding theme can be chosen on the wedding • perfect wedding guide really made me excited for a long time, for me is a special way to mark it! "The other one first to see the wedding • perfect wedding guide sample users say this book is very practical, he said, by new wedding instances share, as a reference for their future wedding.