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Unexpected stolen wedding video wedding company daopei 1200

Hannan district of Wuhan as the couple took a wedding company wedding process, but unexpected stolen video. Yesterday, after the mediation of local business, wedding company in addition to refund out of the fees, and pay 1200 it over.


this year, Miss Zhou wei Hu communities in Hannan district organized a wedding with her boyfriend, in order to retain good wedding scene, Miss Zhou pay 1800 costs to photograph a wedding company.


2nd, when Miss Zhou to the wedding company take video information, but was told that cameras were stolen, cannot be burned wedding disc. Miss Zhou, angry, complaints to Hannan District Association.


Hannan district consumers ' Association survey confirmed that the camera is Miss Zhou married that night, because photographers are improper and was stolen, wedding company police to Hannan, and sent someone to actively look for but never found. But the associations staff believe that wedding company cannot justify, excuse, perfunctory, denial of the legitimate demands of consumers.


after mediation, Hannan, the wedding company refund consumers shoot cost 1800, 1200 and one-time compensation.