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Qingdao bride-to-be Rob man with the makeup charge by the hour

"I got married May 1, wants to set a Qingdao famous male makeup artists do with makeup, but somebody else already reservation fulfilment, no schedule. "Miss bride-to-be found that entering in 2012, Qingdao male with the makeup artist rose in value, particularly hard. Reporters learned that Qingdao professional male with the makeup artist currently does not exceed 10 digits, due to the unique aesthetic perspectives of men, to create a unique novelty makeup, won the Pro-Lai of brides, market demand, compared to women with the makeup, and charges a 1 time or even more.


brides a year in advance to Rob man with the makeup   nearly 300 yuan per hour


Qingdao "TT styling" male makeup artists House told reporters that his 2012 wedding makeup prices last year rose by an average of 600 Yuan, currently paid by the hour, and the price is 9 hours 2680 Yuan and 12 hours 3280, journalist pays it, charging almost 300 yuan per hour. "51, 11 golden week holiday period this year are already out, weekend schedule of appointments with the makeup more than half a year, many customers are under 2011 reservation. "House admitted 2012 Qingdao wedding makeup male makeup service prices in the market, and a lot of" big day "already booked out, brides now scheduled year of male with the makeup, it's hard to do so.


male make-up artist worth 1 time more expensive than female makeup artist


why brides admired male makeup artists? Small floor said, first male makeup Division in makeup Shi to male aesthetic angle to observation analysis bride of overall styling, dress up bride Shi will more has experience, of out of makeup surface styling more please people like; second, and many female makeup Division for earned "extra" only for part-time different, male makeup Division more of is put with makeup as a items lifelong career to focused work, work Shi more heart, also more professional.


"Qingdao wedding with the makeup on the market currently male makeup artist can be said to be extremely rare, not more than 10 digits, well more of less and less. "Small building told reporters that talent scarcity also pushed up from another male makeup artists worth, male makeup artists currently worth at an average of 1500-3000, while the female makeup artist hover around 800-1500.


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wedding makeup, from Taiwan a wedding company make-up stylists, individualized service upgrade, most early marriage the bride must go to the wedding company makeup or beauty salons, the bride must be compatible with the hour early morning or in the early morning drive to makeup and style. One makeup day in the afternoon often tend to be out of shape. In view of this, married the couple on a wedding under the strong demand of refined and personalized, starting in 2000 years or so have a "one day with the makeup" makeup of exclusive bridal hair styling services, 90% per cent of currently married couple would choose a professional wedding makeup artist.