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Their wedding photo studio baiyuce unclaimed witnesses high divorce rate

Recently, Zhongshan district, Dalian, contact a wedding photo studio in inventory when the hero of the book, discovered last year in the 30 couples taking wedding photos have 10 pairs of divorced, wedding not to take. Yesterday, reporters surveyed several studios, are also faced with a similar situation, which a deposited with the Studio in recent years has accumulated over more than 100 "old" for this Flash Flash phenomenon, experts presented their views.


phenomenon: no wedding witnesses high divorce rate


recently, Zhongshan district, Dalian, contact a wedding photo studio in inventory when the hero of the books, found last year in the 30 couples taking wedding photos have 10 to have been divorced. Yesterday, reporter survey has 4 Home wedding Studio, each wedding Studio of situation are not same, in warehouse in the, are has many didn't people claimed of "old pieces", so-called old pieces, is refers to no timely received and caused heap pressure of part album, by contact these "old pieces" of master most broke up has, so, who also not willing to to received this paragraph "history".


yesterday, reporter from a well-known wedding photography institutions understand to, established ten years to, warehouse in the of "old pieces" has more than 200 books, related people said, "according to I speculated that this old pieces in the of wedding photography album accounted for has 50% above, most is because new took finished as zhihou because all reasons divorce has, but also has a 2009 years shooting making completed of album, recently has customer to take go.  "


yesterday, the reporter contacted at qingniwa bridge near a large Ms wedding photographers work in the telecommunications industry, she tells the story of their wedding photos to reporters access to some of the phenomena in the process. She said, actually, a lot of new people in the process of taking photographs is not very harmonious, there will be some disagreement or the needs of the poor, there is an example of three years ago, there was a new selection of opinion and cost differences left on the spot, then the wedding becomes a primary.


photography normal Mr practitioners years, he see had of similar situation also compared more, has pair couples is to shooting photo sets Department of, took of process in the, he vaguely feel to this on couples of mood not, later that bit boys told he, they has registration has, but woman family strongly not agreed they married, they two a people is contradictions, cannot took wedding has, that on took sets photo left for Memorial's.


survey: wedding cancellation the deposit drain


in interview in the, one by visit who Dr Mr told reporter, now Flash Flash away from of situation does too more has, "I relatives home has two a brother, they are is this situation, which a is has took finished wedding, and set finished hotel has, I also received dinner of wedding invitations has, but eventually wedding canceled has, they broke up of reasons everyone has are not understand. "He explained that the wedding book is a five-star hotel, deposit taking in.


reporters interviewed 6 hotels, they say wedding cancellation of many, there are also individual because of time, elderly people in poor health, broken, most causes are the two sides broke up, the deposit was not returned. Reporters learned that proportion of Hotel requires a deposit, the amount is different, according to the hotel grade, booked the table number varies.


experts: Flash Flash off group lessons


by wedding reflects the high divorce rate many people especially parents wonder, combined with factors such as social background, cultural background, guidance on marriage and family in Dalian, Garden Dalian workstation expert, international analysis of sandplay therapist Hong Qing teacher gives, she believed that reflects two problems behind the Flash Flash off, should be missed.


first, young people marriage is not established, and marriage does not equal to love, shallow says marriage is related to two family events, involves crossing multiple relationships, deeper talk comes to long life issues such as how to take responsibility, is in trouble after the passion, too hasty is obviously not desirable attitudes about marriage.


Second, Flash Flash away from a family who is in harmony with the previous generation of parent-child relationship may not be, children of married parents must be most concerned about, but parents can give proper guidance and help? Some parents complain that their children's marriage was too independent, it should do some soul-searching.

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