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2012 Valentine wedding dress before and after overseas demand

Face of the Mayan prophecy of 2012 end of the world, before the destruction of the Earth's last "214"   Valentine's day, young people overseas according to bear, whether lovers, still single, wants to take someone to marry early, or to marry a loved one through the door.


This is not, Valentine, Wedding Essentials is a wedding dress, a beautiful wedding is captured by a lover's heart killing equipment. This is the advance purchase. According to a statement from Alibaba aliexpress platform in the world for nearly a month to search for data display, from the United States, and Russia and the United Kingdom, and Australia, and Canada, as well as Turkey young people least "egg", the willingness to purchase all the more strongly for the wedding.


data show Australia search ranked first to 26.8%, Canada 26.66% followed. While the United States with total number of purchasing advantages, 10815 people buy wedding dresses, first leading other countries to break the million mark, which appears to be the 2012 doomsday coming disaster first United States coincide.