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MC step humor daughter-in-law father-in-law back gas to run she

Was a bustling, festive wedding, only MC humor over the top atmosphere and was grandfather back the bride, the bride's mother considered too vulgar, stormed off the field, wedding steep awkward.


10th Mr Zhi Fang Jie Xu, Jiangxia district of Wuhan's wedding day. He costs 1600 Yuan and "Hei Fung Lai" wedding Department signed contracts, agreed by the wedding Department provides services such as video, master of ceremonies presided over.


wedding day, festive atmosphere to a climax, master of ceremonies a temporary decision, adding a small program, so new daughter-in-law father-in-law back and lap, when grandfather made inappropriate, but master of ceremonies says: "this is a traditional program", at his instigation, the boisterous cheering guests also booing. To prevent her father-in-law Funk, MC with Red Ribbon, new daughter-in-law and my father-in-law tied together.


Behold the mother of the bride, Lady Yao immediately blushed, accusing MC parody, not to respect their elders, offends, MC, argues: "newlywed for three days, no size," Yao said with anger: "vulgar, boring", with a family and left the scene, so guests were embarrassed. Afterwards, little find and groom wedding seek explanation, wedding ceremonies to enliven the atmosphere needs, increases the program why original, elegant and sleazy bad found that refused to pay compensation. Yesterday Mr Hui Tsing Lung industrial complaints.


business author, weddings ceremonies services provided by the company should be healthy, master of ceremonies when new item is added, the prior informed consent, should be respected when guest agrees to select and master of ceremonies services violates the human dignity of consumers. After mediation, wedding return Xu MC 600 Yuan, and offer an apology.