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Shanghai book wedding price payment in full required deposit

Wedding banquet at least booked years in advance, this is the couple at the wedding of a consensus in Shanghai. Reporter recently found that Almanac on the so-called good old days this year also coincides with the weekend weekend, only 17 days, half were less than last year, and famous hotels in Shanghai almost all booked full for the year, partial opening 2013 booked hotel has started receiving orders. Industry insiders said, because no spring 2013, commonly known as "widow year", many people make arrangements for the wedding in advance, eventually leading to married people get together this year.


hotel's only upset at all levels


"now think about booking weddings this year, seems to be a little bit late. "When journalists are arranged a wedding when the identity of a customer call the hotel, hotel staff said this year optional days are not much. "The first half of the weekend and on holidays booked as early as last year, leaving only the end of July or August and is free, but dates mostly every single or 4th or 13, 14th, customers don't like elections. "Bund Pu Hua hotel staff said, wanted to find a" good day ", the wedding date may be delayed until 2013. Jin Jiang Hotel's staff said, the Hall can accommodate more than 30 tables are not only this year, and even the first half of next year, weekends and statutory holidays already booked.


"five-star hotels is about the extravagance and sophistication of our friends and relatives do not, look for a three or four star on the line. "Members of the public said Mr CHENG. Because a lot of people holding the same attitude with him, leading to three or four star hotel in the same tight, Swan, blue sky hotel, three star hotels, 11 holiday schedule is almost full, if needed after October weekend wine, you can also see if there are any free.


want does not rise now required payment in full of the deposit


"in five-star hotels do a mid-range wedding lowest price is about 5000 Yuan last year, up to seven thousand or eight thousand this year, not counting 15% service fee, because this round of price hike, make my wedding budget a lot. "Eventually set Yu this year June in Nanjing West Road held married banquet of Bell Mr told reporter, he originally wants to in Jiujiang road find a Samsung or four star of hotel, results found these hotel annual of holiday almost has full full, only left July or August also has spare, he only put eye steering five-star hotel," eventually can set to also is because this last year in decoration, no open this year of reservation, only let I in June in found has Windows. ”


this reporter has learned, though many hotels have opened the next year, the wedding book, and claimed that prices this year still prevail, but finally signed the sales contract, prices may vary. Married banquet Club "Wei Christine story" of staff on said, currently married banquet about in 5000 Yuan around a table, next year of price also also no variable, but to end of Shi, company will routinely adjustment Xia a years married banquet of price, "rose of range may thousands Yuan, as long as you in that zhiqian and we signed contract and paid full deposit, on not by price fluctuations effect has. "IFC and the Ritz-Carlton wedding lowest 9888 table, as well as all amounts paid before the wedding. Stores explained that full deposit refers to the money of all tables, not including service fees. As an analogy, if the couple booked 10 tables, each table for 6000 Yuan, not under the influence of prices, now need to pay the full price of 60,000 yuan deposit, other costs will fall on the situation after the wedding is over fill less.


but the reporter learned, set a wedding this year, many shoppers were still fails to pay the full amount of the deposit. Because a wedding full deposit of around 20 tables up to six digits, newcomer said, instead of a hundred thousand of the hotels, eat interest than bank deposits. In case of unfortunate encounters are inferior hotel, book a hotel not to encounter a wedding time accidents such as collapse of a hundred thousand of can be to come back is to make a question mark.