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Why 990 silver easy to turn yellow

Why silver will turn black/yellow?  whether it is 925 pure silver will be oxidized and turn yellow. Silver oxide is mainly sulfates. There are many sulfur-containing substances in the air will react with the silver, silver color can also be used as the environment one of the criterion.  

925 after the Palladium and rhodium plating, coating has good oxidation resistance, thus not yellow. Silver to yellow and the wearer's body type.

However, from a chemical point of view, generally considered related to yellow and silver, Platinum, palladium and rhodium is inert and is not easily oxidized in condition, so silver yellow has nothing to do with it, and the copper oxide is black, too, so, mainly silver-oxide, silver oxide is black.

1, silver is the best maintenance methods to wear every day, because body fat can make a natural warm glow.  

2, wearing jewelry, don't at the same time other precious metal jewellery to wear to avoid collision deformation or scratches.  

3, silver dry, don't wear swim, keep away from hot springs and the sea. When not available cotton cloth or tissue, gently wipe the surface, removing moisture and dirt, it would be placed in sealed bags or boxes, avoid contact with air.  

4, if signs of yellowing silver, the easiest way to use tooth paste add water gently wash the surface. Small brush to clean silver jewelry or jewellery slit, and then wipe the surface with a silver polishing cloth, can restore the original beautiful decorations at once. (If you use a silver polishing cloth to restore about eight or nine of the Silver State, stop to use wipe the silver breast and wash the silver water, because they all have a certain degree of corrosion, silver jewelry, after using these products will become more easy to turn yellow. In addition, the silver polishing cloth with silver maintenance components, do not wash)  

5, silver yellow was serious, with silver wash water soaking time should not be too long, generally for a few seconds, remove and rinse immediately, and then dry them with paper.  

6, like the cloth wipes can recover about 80% silver, eliminates dry milk and silver Sparkle Silver, because these products have a certain degree of corrosion, silver jewelry, after using these products, will become more and more easy to turn yellow. Wipe the silver cloth with silver maintenance components, do not wash.  

7, if you usually wear after no silverware and collections, will most likely make the silver or black. You should use a jewelry small brushes to clean jewelry crack, and then wipe the silver milk drop by drop on the surface of paper, Silver Black oxide surface wipes, jewelry silver with dry cloth to restore the shine. Just remember after daily general maintenance, prevent the recurrence of silver black, silver after several black is difficult to clean white.