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Top 3 strategies easy to get seasons dry dull dry lines

After a winter of "training", and now most people's skin will look dry and dull, like dry lines are slowly growing. What kind of skin condition can meet the vibrant spring? Today called season against skin 3 major problems "prescription", ready to spring to a beautiful date!  


problem 1: dehydration of the skin like dried vegetables

after a cold winter, the skin has been dehydrated, always tense, fine lines, and in serious cases, did hurt, while skin is still not out of pigment problems. If this kind of situation in the upcoming Spring/Summer continues, the skin will fall into a vicious circle.

causes: dry winter, and frequent use of air conditioning, electric blanket, heating products. Multiple stimulation, skin led to serious water shortages.

countermeasures: selection with energy products improving cell vitality, speed up your metabolism, and dredge the lymphatic system and has detoxifying effects products in vivo effects of skin melanin, toxins are eliminated from the body. Of course, the alternative products as well as energy formula to promote metabolism, and is rich in nourishing ingredients, and conducive to the absorption.

troubled 2:T oil   dry cheeks

season or combination skin women's worst nightmare, t-zone oil ever, her cheeks dry and peeling, what do we do?

reason: when seasons, combination skin has always been troubled, heat, strong sunlight, higher temperatures for t-zone to become greasy, and her cheeks are still dry.

action: need to start earlier than other skin oil control, but then selects only the best clean strong oil cleanser and oil extracts, and limited to the part used, avoiding the whole face is dry because of the oil control too early. Water products should also be replaced with clean liquid and select a matte effect. Of course, proper sun protection is beneficial to the skin itself to maintain a normal balance of water and oil, to prevent moisture loss, too much oil secretions.

problem 3: skin allergies

spring air is moist, skin begins not obedient, is creeping up on some issues such as allergies, acne, and uncomfortable and ugly!

reason: spring has arrived, humidity is also larger than the winter, bacteria are relatively easy to breed, has not yet adapted to the skin easily during this allergy season, pink dots. Mix especially sensitive skin, in the spring, the skin is red and itchy, peeling symptoms.

responses: quick deep skin moisturizing and calming products, like calming sprays, calming facial mask, can help relieve pain and reduce redness. While enhancing the care that can help the skin against external factors. For insurance reasons, of course, drink lots of water and relax is also critical.