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BB cream decorated breast cream at the end of differences and uses

Milk the end of BB cream, cream, decoration, these three things that makes people confused. When to use which one? Used together or alone? What is the order? Let us analyze, see guarantee you plainly.  

     , BB cream

   keywords: mineral

using the sequence: after the skin lotion, do not use with other Foundation

BB creams usually contain more than 80% of maintenance components, can be classified as base makeup products with maintenance functions. Because the mineral powder is add Sunscreen, so the skin after surgery, or sensitive skin can also use. But because in the end it is the makeup effects used during the day, went back in the evening after going to makeup.

typical representatives: Vichy VICHY clear moisturizing minerals BB cream

BB cream is a maintenance function, high security, high moisture and high oxidation resistance is known for its three functions, through the sensitive skin tests can bring long lasting health protection for sensitive skin. 100% pure mineral powder, powder itself is not easy to go bad, and the powder was flat, not easy to clog pores, excellent air permeability of makeup can be created.

Second, cream

     key words: multifunctional (Sun/cosmetic/Polish)

order: before the Foundation, not with the Sun skin care products at the same time.

isolation after this maintenance, putting on makeup in front of intermediate procedures, can make the Foundation more docile, and isolate certain dirty air. But due to the isolation of a single function can not meet consumer, so there is more versatile isolation, such as sunscreen, modified pore, end of Polish decorations. Is in need of attention, with decorated function at the end of isolation, except close to Asian skin color peach color, and color, but also is not recommended for whole face.

typical representatives: SOFINA Sofina jolimark ml suntan oil breast makeup

recipe special to add Sunscreen and sebum resistant compositions, Super sebum absorbing powder effectively repel oily, so that it does not spread easily get rid of grease, sweat caused by worry about makeup, skin dry and not greasy new experience. Sun protection oil milk with SPF20 PA++ SPF makeup, fresh control oil at the same time, protection has been further upgraded during the day; it also contains chamomile extract highly effective moisturizing ingredients of the unique, highly durable moisturizing, facial skin feel fresh and moist and spreadable texture of even the most vigorous grease will not easily pan out shiny t-zone.

    three, and milk at the end of

   key words: colorful (green purple blue ...)  

using the sequence: after skin care lotion, under Foundation.   Decorated end of breast, usually in front of a makeup Primer for skin, cosmetic skin color. Decorated milk at the end of a different color effects, Pearlescent improve skin luster, green corrections reddish skin, dark purple decorated local, blue can be partially modified spot, but avoid the whole face using only local modifications, otherwise the variable "white face" Oh! 

typical representatives: Smashbox and flawless complexion makeup accessories breast at the end of  

make liquid can not only help fill fine lines, and can make the skin look smoother and detailed. United States make-up brand  Smashbox  has recently launched a new solution by the end of, contains vitamins e and soya bean oil, lemon grass, Orchid essence formula can improve skin quality, can also improve the color, more even complexion.