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Fuzhou wedding

Wedding bride makeup first aid tips

If the day before or the day of the marriage only to find there are so many skin issues, will have to use some clever method.

every bride wants to shine at the wedding, but the skin was old of one kind or another problem occurs in the wedding's wedding day, like He Xiaoyan as flowers, brilliant, all nursing homes before she got married. Get pleasure and plenty of sleep is the Foundation of all care. If the day before or the day of the marriage only to find there are so many skin issues, will have to use some clever method.

crack Panda eyes

dark circles around the eyes, make people look tired and listless, even on thick Foundation, still can't conceal dark circles.

cosmetic remedies: wedding day, makeup can help colour the bride than light skin concealer, to effectively cover dark circles. Spread concealer gently massage until the Concealer is fully penetrated, and then use the brush brush with transparent powder. One-third after the brow brush with transparent powder, can increase the luster of the eye.

conquering the small smallpox smallpox

too busy, stress, hot weather, so early is not long, long night, but two long before the wedding so a little acne, seemingly small Acne Vulgaris, once grew, is really tough.

cosmetic remedies: to be successful in the acne mask, bride makeup, using cotton swabs coated with colour with shades of Foundation, and then gently position of acne on and lightly with a little flour. Remember to use a concealer brush, because to fill concave scars, works better than fingers for more docile.

conquering large pouch

didn't get a good night's sleep for several days in a row, not only a black eye, also appear below the big bags under the eyes, the whole people will look several years older.

cosmetic remedies: choose a little white and pink than skin is extremely delicate cream, strong sunlight or lamplight at the wedding scene, will have better refraction of light rays, ultra white powder very good cover on the bottom of effects.

capture the dull skin

wear the wedding dress the moment filled with joy, never look dull skin affects the appearance of charming and good mood.

cosmetic remedies: choose the Foundation for your skin tone, the right Foundation you should be natural like no makeup, it can even out the skin tone, but also the other makeup base before makeup on bottom. Whether it is a cream-like, liquid or powder Foundation, were pushed out from their faces Central, this will make the white look natural.

bridal makeup advice:

recommended skin bad bride from using glitter, matte texture and more with the Foundation. In addition, the wedding day is often moving, so the bride must use waterproof mascara, so as to avoid awkward situation. Blush bridal makeup is not the point, because the person meets happy event, looked sure to get well, coupled with the effects of alcohol on the wedding, blush will naturally be revealed, have less prominent in makeup.

pearly, matte, glitter which Flash is better? Bride recommended Foundation choose matte texture, to create a velvety texture.   Can use some shimmer eyeshadow eye and detailed gloss brightens the eyes glow. Use shiny lip gloss so shiny's feel for the bride, is easy to take off makeup, moist texture and lasting lipstick dyeing is a good choice.

bride makeup should focus on where is it? Gentle eye and lip of a solid are very important! Don't draw too high brow of one, so the person feels more ominous, natural eyebrows the most suitable for the bride. Clear clean the best eye makeup, our focus is to strengthen eyelashes. Because Asians generally Eyelash curler short and sagging, only by strengthening the eyelashes curl and thickness, with light to the eyes. Lip is the easiest color makeup effects, whatever the color must be solid in order to stand out in the crowd.

bridal makeup is there any color taboos?   Be sure to use green eye shadow. Mention of bride you'll have romantic the legend. Plus is a very happy day, a low-key and ornate gold and pink with a transparent gloss, are all good choices. The two colors are relatively wild, no matter what wedding dress up, can't go wrong!