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Perfect makeup different skin makeup maintenance method

Wind swept, small dry skin on face continuously, no matter what your skin is difficult to avoid dry skin, dry skin how makeup is not perfect. What to do? Want to makeup and maintenance, and lay the Foundation for perfect makeup!  

makeup skin care method-combination skin

many people mistaken for combination skin and oily skin do not face the problem of dry skin, but any skin in different environments are likely to face the problem of dry skin. For combination skin beauties are concerned, the key is to open the skin of the transport corridor, and then gradually use moisturizing lotions, moisturizing essence. Oh, here's a tip, we can put the lotion on Palms preheating and then gradually open, palms pressed on both cheeks with both hands. Forehead and t-zone oil can escape. This can reach the skin all day long is not peeling, also relatively docile after putting on makeup.

makeup skin care – oily skin

for oily skin may be piled up horny, apart from moisturizing to do the work, but there is also a movement must not be less that beautiful Bai Tiliang. So is the best choice in selecting the products-moisturizing whitening lotion, gently wipe with cotton face and beating with warm hands until completely absorbed. (Outside of moisturizing, whitening lotion, usually containing low concentration of acids, metabolism slightly cutin, brighten the skin. )

makeup skin care method-neutral skin

normal skin, we can select some contain trace amounts of oil moisturizing essence to improve dry skin conditions. Use lotion gives the skin hydrated and also beating with warm hands until completely absorbed, then using Aqua, massage from the inside to the outside to extract liquid is completely absorbed.

makeup skin care – dry skin

first use a moisturizing lotion to soften dry cuticles, making it easier for essence products are absorbed. Then select a slightly higher fat content of Aqua slide on your face and massage until the product is absorbed by the skin. When peeling occurs can be more topical serum, and then wet the cotton into local emergency mask, wait three minutes later off a cotton, using the Palms opened the peeling cream and then pressing.