Fuzhou wedding
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Fuzhou wedding

Fashion bridal gown highlights soft curves is the key

Sex has always been a woman of fascinating weapons, but exposing it is vulgar, delicate fabric tightly wrap around the body show through the dress bride glamorous s-curve is King! Stylish brides, get to pick their own wedding dress wear, a glamorous sexy bride on the wedding!  

clear combination of tulle and exquisite lace and deep v-collar design, sexy collarbones and perfectly complements the breast shape, without matching too gorgeous ornaments, before revealing the atmosphere of confident aura.

Ethereal Fishtail hemlines to show soft breath, body design projecting delicate curves, delicate fold adds delicate aspect of the chest, and two Black Lace Ribbon design will be attractive skin is divided into special geometry, gives women a unique charm.

shoulder design effect is elongate in shape, perfect to show the sexy and beautiful shoulder clavicular line, high fork skirt ratio to body the best, healthy wheat-colored skin is lined with a red dress, sending seductive splendor.

Red yarn winding gently wrap around the body wrapped design against the perfect chest, skirt slit to the thigh root, easily showing long legs. Petite bride with nude heels elongating the leg lines, plus the atmosphere clean hair is a perfect match!