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Fuzhou wedding

Details of winning! Wedding lights built in crazy romantic wedding

Wedding lighting can create spectacular Grand wedding atmosphere can also create vague warm and romantic wedding. Wedding lights decorate the wedding details plays a crucial role of finishing touch, take a peek at these wonderful wedding wedding details on the layout of the light decorating method!  

unique candles

almost every piece of glass containers can hold a candle, in addition, can go to the flea market to buy fancy containers.

wall-bursting candlesticks.

vintage love

patchwork, vary in length the candles placed on a table at the entrance, depicts a sparkling, vivid picture; theme elements of the same color to create a quiet and warm atmosphere, if several colors to mix, it will be a lively and vivid panorama.

wild fun

metal cans made of "basket" decorated with hanging candle cups, add a warm spring. Methods: metal cans with rope drill three holes, and then covered with bouquets and used to decorate the garden sheds, gazebos or Windows.

wedding lights to create crazy romantic wedding

sweet stack

spread the candle cups in different sizes, different shape on the cake plate, put them in the middle of the table as decoration, or used to decorate the dessert table, simple and without losing flavor.

Mini parchment shade table lamp will be simple glass and beautiful candle cups perfectly together, creating elegant coffee-colored lights, guests to warm cozy atmosphere decorated.

candles floating in a large glass filled with water on the inside, then place the Cup in a drill the three holes on the pallet, with a Ribbon through the hole to hang up, like an inverted tripods, so you have to sigh creativity.

flickering candles and fragrant flowers will be intricate architectural details reflected most vividly, elegant and sacred.