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How to maintain diamond ring? Diamond maintenance?

Although the ring finger which can be eye-catching, but over time, sheen of diamond and ring will slowly faded. If you want your diamond rings are always dazzling, you also need to protect it. How to maintain diamond ring? Diamond maintenance?  

Tools/raw quit maintenance always the attention to details and questions: do not impact, periodic inspection; professional cleaning store and so on.

maintenance of diamond rings, do not hit: a diamond is the hardest thing in the world, but in fact it is very afraid of the impact. Due to their special molecular structure, although it has on any gems, scratched, but not collisions. In particular the "claw-set" diamonds, diamonds waist is vulnerable.  

ring maintenance regular inspection: loss due to setting loose diamonds often happen, recommends an annual diamond jewellery for inspection, see setting, reinforced Polish again.

maintenance of diamond rings, professional cleaning: diamond is a lipophilic gem, easy oil, so when you apply hand cream to take off his diamond jewelry. Can't wear while swimming, chlorine bleach in water will corrode diamond. Recommended professional jewelry cleaner and instrument cleaning.

maintenance of diamond ring, store: store a variety of precious stones, in case of hard diamond scratches other gemstones. To prevent the jewelry has faded, can put a piece of chalk to absorb moisture.

about Diamond Rings Diamond maintenance need to be aware of the following points

1  diamond Lipophilic and easily stained with grease, stains, weakened the brilliance of a diamond and the fire effect, so don't wear diamond jewelry in the kitchen cooking, and wash clothes

2  diamond from thermal oxidizers such as bleach, disinfectant and so on. It will corrode weaker diamond crystal faces, resulting in artificial corrosion pits, while also setting some fading.

3  diamonds are the hardest substance found in nature, but it is very crisp. Try not to put diamond jewelry together, or they will hurt each other.


regular tweezers or toothpick 4  touch diamond, check for loose. Best once every 3 years, to see whether any loose or worn, fixed and polished again.


5  If cleaning at home, you can use a cup of lukewarm water, add a little detergent (preferably a neutral), the jewelry in a bubble ... Clean and   also available in stores for a free cleaning.