Fuzhou wedding
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Fuzhou wedding

Catch classic! Build creative wedding

Nowadays, many couples chasing non-mainstream, and the slightly retro theme of the wedding. Sing say faded memories bit by bit, is also a fashionable way of remembrance. Guests in an atmosphere of nostalgia can feel the passion of love. So, how do you create a classic route ideas wedding?  

unique wedding creative personality is essential, using some unexpected colors in the wedding, guests have a stunning feeling. Through different tonal modulation mellow cocktail, or you can mix and match colors used in table linen and glassware is equipped with it. If you want a traditional wedding customs and the other big challenges, might as well let the guests in the soles of your signature or Grandma or take out the mother's wedding dress for guests to enjoy personality wedding on a beautiful landscape.

in the Victorian period, all kinds of flowers have different flower, dahlia appreciated African daisies are expressions of friendship. Prepare unique bouquets for the bridesmaids on the wedding day, to make your wedding different colors. With unexpected colors dress up a wedding, unusual color modulation a specially-made Blue Curacao, cream composition of the cosmopolitan, purple passion tea cocktails. Mix and match colors for table linen and glassware equipped, contrast strong hue can be a very good atmosphere out of the wedding.

fine and graceful style coupled with the ingenious idea of shadow effects, monotone of wine red Ballroom has turned a gorgeous pink Palace. Own a matched with the main wedding color colorful candle holder to brighten the whole tone of the wedding, candelabra a beautiful bar in the middle of the Ribbon, in the small seal engraved on your first letter combinations in English.

trendy couple try to guest in your sole signature, this entirely different from traditional wedding customs, believe that nothing is more trendy than the wedding. Consider having Grandma or mother's wedding dress once again took out the bottom stage, veils or necklace has a vintage taste, circulated during the nostalgic flavor.

an old photo of a family members wedding or wedding colors with some classic colors, passes a faded memory. Relatives and guests can have feeling, recalling the kind of nostalgic ambience worthy of a fashion. Usually like to do their own thing, like to eat as well as interested in the story were incorporated into the wedding.