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2012 popular trend in Bridal Veil selection knack

Congratulations, you've finally found your wedding! Next step: choose a picture of any veil of angle is the beauty of an Angel. Lucky is that we have all the information you need to know as a guide, your wedding images will be perfect.  

to select a most suitable for your veil and let it draw the perfect end to your wedding.

1, you must be the first, and probably the most important decision is choosing a veil of long posts. Browse the correct list, look at the most popular veil what length.

2, what will you be using the tiara, Veil lengths are equally important. A wide range of your choice, from the exaggerated style (shine like the Persian Crown for Crown) to Gemmy hairpins, combs and hair pins. You can be fixed on headdress veil, or two, using only a simple comb veil will be fixed on the hair (comb hidden in the hair).

3, if you want to remove the veil after the ceremonies, but to retain headdress, then use sticky Velcro to hold the veil, so that it is easy to remove.

4, tulle veils and other fabrics can be dyed in many colors. In choosing the veil put on a wedding dress fabric samples.

5, there is an important factor to consider is whether you want the veil in the photo. If you've fixed it on the hair after the first (head fixing updo hair Barrette or comb), the wedding veil so they only show a little. If you want to focus on the hairstyles or jewelry, which is a very good practice.

6, to make real their "you are", then choose the veil must be as dazzling as before and after. One of these styles is spring veil (also known as waterfall veil), which under the torrents from your head. This style can make one look taller, it might be good for the Petite bride, but if it makes you look even higher than the groom, it is not so good.

7, the classic materials are Gossamer veil, however, lace, silk and satin is a good choice, but also more originality.

8, want the very grand romantic feelings, it would consider taking the veil made of tulle veil-some designers suggest using at least two-tier veil.

9, if you are a small or large trailing veil, then the top cover layer refers to the long veil is also good. In this case, you can remove trailing veil before the banquet, leaving shorter floor--so you'll still be in the picture perfect bride.

10, you can add on the veil's jewelry, including embroidery, pearls, rhinestones and Crystal class of sparkling gems. General rule is that if a wedding dress decorated, the veil should be simple and clean, perhaps on the edge a little wedding dress with beads or jewels, or completely modified.

11, if you have selected a simple and streamlined wedding, then go decorate your veil (but you can choose a wedding and elegant veil to match). Decorations don't have to be on the veil and the wedding goes on, as long as that does not conflict. For example, a sequined veil and a romantic small decorative pearls wedding dress out of it.

12, the veil is a popular simple decoration on a satin edge, this pure edge can clearly outline the contours of the veil. However, this is not the best choice for long veil, because it will draw a line in your body, in the vision to cut you in half. If your goal is to build long, that must be carefully considered before the selection.

13, veiled in the first half of the ceremony is a veil covering the face parts, your father can get you to the groom lifted it, or couple kissing by the groom after opening. This style is very beautiful, can enhance the overall image of dramatic and romantic.

14, concealed between lower edge should be at the bottom of your neck and chest, and back of any style can be of any length. Its length should be in dress neckline or at least an inch below-if it is just on the neck line, seem to be neither fish nor fowl – and make sure it is long enough to lift to the back.

15, when trying to do your wedding hairstyle, with all the head attachment. If you wanted to wear Persian scrolls or the Crown, then at the trial wearing a veil is crucial.

16, selected a beautiful veil, you can enjoy the happy occasion, you can also show your personality through it. Shawl veils is very fashionable. This style of Latin styles to outline the face beautifully, because it consists of a round lace, and have a very feminine scalloped rim.

17, harmony is the key. No matter what style you choose and the length of the veil, bride and to ensure that it can improve your image, rather than conflict with each other.

18, and want to wear your mother's Veil, but fear it obsolete? Tailor to resize it to a reliable design. Trim, color and length can be modified according to your taste. So you can still walk to the altar wearing the "old and borrowed" veil of nostalgia.

19, after you read these keys, you will fall in love with their selection of veils. Ask the shop, how to maintain the veil. Although this fee may be expensive or unnecessary than you imagine, but for your next generation, classical wedding veil can be very chic.