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Women married to encounter 7 rival

Men are polygamous, this seems to be a certain axioms. So women do her qianwanbai plan to hold up her man, don't let his heart off the family.  

but, the majority of women forget is that, even if men do not bother, but many women he encountered in his life deep in the heart. His life apart from you, there are many other women, his life and the women are inextricably linked. The women in his life, from a certain point of view, the rival is a woman. But you can't rival those you just stepped out of the world, if you want to separate them, the man in front of you, is no longer his own.

look to encounter at least 7 rival woman's life is like.

1. the mother

my boyfriend's mother is a woman considered the biggest rival, which is why many fall in love after marriage would be the biggest obstacles to divorce for men and women, is the reason why did not handle well the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

in a man's heart, mother is the only, my mother gave him life and grew up feeding him, so then how he will honor your father and mother the old man's House.

many men believe that divorce can find a wife, but my mother had lost no more, so a lot of men will have Yu Xiao. Die you pester "if I were your MOM at the same time in the water who would you save first" such a childish question, sooner or later, he leaves you tired.

to honor his mother with him, you will find his love in you flow, and when there is something wrong in your feelings, your mother-in-law can still stand out quite you!

2. sisters

when man together with his sister, love to talk about their childhood, which you couldn't get it into his mouth, next to you only smile. But don't envy them, who had no brothers and sisters? you tell your brother or brother, childhood memories of when you will do your sister-in-law and his wife in the same situation?

men spent more than 10 years his sister, feelings deeper it is needless to say, you cannot expect him to leave positions vacant to sisters of his heart for you. Then say, this is blood ties, is no one can let go of.

3. daughter

after the man said that when they have children, woman's Center of gravity is not himself, and has been transferred to the child. Same woman said, when after having a daughter, man does not have its own, only a daughter.

saying her daughter is the lover of men in my life, his love for the daughter is all. Only when I am with her daughter, a man will only show the most pleasant smile from the heart. His daughters have devoted a lot of time and patience, this is because it is you and his daughter, is the crystallization of your love and your hope for the future. And with his daughter, he will find a long lost child and kid stuff.

seeing him play with her daughter so happy, you should not get angry, nor should we be jealous. You should be glad that they found a good man to love their families.

        4. first love

for men, he was always going to be a woman, and that is his first love.

first love is the best, because what is ignorant, Dim, and without any impurity, is the purest feelings. So whether it met the best woman in the future will not change his views. Man if the bottom has a beloved woman, even more outstanding woman broke into his emotions again. Once the men love women, the man there will be no love, with love, will not look at another woman and lives.

from the other hand, when man discovered his love for a woman to stay away from, and unless the met can also open his heart again, and this woman can be on the bottom when love will come again in this man, love will once again be the man, good will again be the subject of this man's life.

5. female confidant

young person knows is different from the wives and mistresses, wives, men with care responsibilities and obligations for lovers, men may only have a physical need, to think of it, but for the young person knows, it's just man's soul mate, there is no physical relationship.

maybe as you will start to be jealous of his wife, why do men want to find a soul mate out here? does he who cannot serve as his soul mate? you know, you and he slept for a long time, you may be most familiar to people. Working or living there not liking things he doesn't want to share with you, not because he is not in love with you, but because he too loves you he doesn't want you to know him too much not to one's liking, so worried about him. So he would rather find a man listening to his heart, as his own mind trash.

6. ex-girlfriend

ex-girlfriend in his life for a long time, but in his mind there location.

men will think of her now and then. At this time, do not bother him too much, not to say he was wrong to do, much less cynicism about him. However, must control his "thinking of those illnesses," the frequency of attacks. Best practice, using real-world things to make him understand that he lives in the present, rather than the past.

7.  women

his partner is his work, usually by female colleagues. Appear in front of customers when his partner was her, not in another work, you are not privy to his work. Every day you work   home cooking soups for him after ironing, too busy to unkempt, all he sees is your girlie face side, but in the Office, he sees is the face of female colleagues in style.

every day, he told his female colleagues together for eight hours. Your time with him,---often only four or five hours of sleep does not count. He gets along well with female colleagues understanding mix of men and women to work effectively, it is the boss of the Gospel. There a long time love of Office romance, but you not help reminding them on purpose. If your husband is not a Playboy by nature man, always has a line in his heart, will not be easily overcome.