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Network gold quality and low prices guaranteed to see

Experts remind consumers that online trading is developing rapidly at the present stage, but the online market is not standardized, information was mixed, product quality is mixed.


"the last in line to see a gold ring on sale for more than 900 Yuan, is just 349 Yuan a gram, what's the price, only gold seems to have cheap, just do not know how the quality is really gold or some other metal pretending? ”

a few days ago, journalist working in Shanghai Xujiahui white-collar Miss Lee broke, a gold price promotion information 349 Yuan per gram of gold jewelry from the fee for only three days, 30 kg on sale while stocks last. Compared to other established strong gold shop in 420 Yuan per gram of gold jewelry, which is a real market price. End of the year, comes as businesses focus on promotion of the season, but also the most vulnerable to consumer safety, and price is proportional to the quality of it?

related issues such as product quality and safety, contacted organizers of the gold floor price promotions on 99 gold rush NET Ma Jixiang, Vice.

Reporter: not long ago, the media has reported a number of old gold brand products have serious quality problems in gold purity, as a new Internet gold sellers, 99 gold rush how to treat this problem?

MA: first of all, I believe that the old gold or gold-plated, strict control mechanisms on the quality, current problems, mostly due to factors such as their business and franchise. Traditional gold shops are looking for OEM factory, each batch of products there are hundreds of kilograms, tens of thousands of pieces, including individual product problems are inevitable, but also within the traditional Goldsmith's control. In addition, individual stores from the factory stock, deliberately processed gold pure enough goods, to promote their own interests, and then join the brand authorized to gain consumers ' trust, which is a main cause of gold purity problem.

Reporter: buy gold on the Internet: be more reliable than online shop?

MA: 99 gold rush is a member of the Shanghai gold exchange, ensuring quality, a penalty of ten is our ongoing commitment. All precious metals suppliers and products from well-known publishers, each batch of gold in line with the national industry standard. In the course of processing a hand of each product quality, then there are four inspection program and two against confirmation process, product, transportation, warehousing, order, delivery quality control personnel are responsible for, the other in the factory and order against confirmation of the quality of the distribution set specialist to ensure the quality of the product, and optimally to our customers.

Reporter: Gold product prices directly linked to gold, and 99 gold online buy gold is not as online Gold shop, confirm the Gold face to face. 99 gold rush can guarantee product payments with the actual facts?

MA: that is the key issue of net purchases of gold. We cannot confirm the Gold face to face online shop, in gold issues, we used way. First of all on the site, users see the gold is one decimal place, and our weighing scales are two digits after the decimal point. Products before shipment, we have two weighing links, in the range of 0.05 grams to give the user some, to ensure that the interests of users, of course, this will cause some damage to us. In the case of inventory to meet the demand, we will exchange products in consultation with consumers. In addition, in the course of processing, gold on our products strictly for positive and negative margin product, melted down directly reworked. It caused some damage, but we have no control over, the user experience but a lot of the consumer, which is 99 gold rush so far an important cause of extremely low return rate.

integrity is the Foundation of this, panning for gold is also 99 reasons for successful operation. By virtue of honesty and reputation, as of December 31, 2011, the site has more than 120,000 customers experience products and services. End of three-day time limit for the gold price promotions but also attracts more than 2 million independent IP, total volume exceeded 20 million, the average unit price is rarely reached 8298.

experts remind consumers that online trading is developing rapidly at the present stage, but the online market is not standardized, information was mixed, product quality is mixed. Number of companies now specialize in precious metals shop more and more, but there are not many businesses with visibility and influence. To check the gold product    quality needs such as gold to a special inspection agencies to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, net purchases of precious metals consumers should try to choose Shanghai gold exchange and other authoritative bodies recognized by the unit, and ask for a receipt.