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You must be clear before you buy a diamond ring 10 questions

Express true love, commitment to perpetual vows, love his bride, with sparkling diamonds round her dream of happiness in life ... ... A small ring also contains a great deal of attention and learning, and for the first-time buyer couple, must have a lot of doubt and hesitation.

Sohu bride questions for you to answer questions regarding the purchase of a diamond ring. Following the decision to buy, follow the problem is how to choose jewelry stores as well as the style. Do your homework in advance, in time will be short with a problem.

Q: so many jewelry stores in the market, how to buy diamond rings right?

a: if it is a store, size and style to be more complete than the general store. Some specialize in wedding jewelry stores to buy wedding rings with a choice. Typically, jewelry stores will have a dedicated wedding jewelry counters, displaying many styles of diamond rings, ring for new choices. Large department store jewelry counter in General will be established for the new wedding ring area.

Q: before going to the jewelry store, whether you should make an appointment in advance is better?

a: basically do not need an appointment, but following a custom jewelry business of shops will generally need to make an appointment. There are some shops of the appointment system, crowded in the store's case priority to customers in advance.

Q: to the jewelry store, is there any best time?

a: If you want to settle down to a good pick, best man less to jewelry stores.

Q: the boyfriend wanted to give an engagement ring as a gift to myself, he a person to buy, something to remind him?

a: first I must clearly inform the clerk wanted to buy style, also go to the shop to confirm the purchase of the ring can change the size, it is very important.

      Q: do not know for what kind of style do?

a: according to the new needs of the people more and more personalized, ring styles have become more abundant. Different style subtle differences, but the actual feeling of wearing on the hands will vary. Listen to jewelry store salesperson, their grasp of the wedding ring styles and fashion-are in place.

Q: If you need to customize how much time it's going to cost?

a: the degree of difficulty and style has a lot to do, and in many shops after you selected loose diamond and ring, about half an hour to complete a unique diamond ring, early action is always better, of course.

Q: can take diamond jewellery store asked the shop to provide yourself with a suitable ring yet?

a: raw diamonds is currently a very popular practice, every store is different, it is best to take kind to ask. Undertake customized jewelry stores can generally provide customers another ring. Ring style, but also subject to restrictions on size and cut loose diamond, choice may not have imagined so much.

Q: the marriage of the ring what kind of material is appropriate?

a: Platinum character never faded, hopes the new marital love and good wishes. For starters, platinum ring is not just a piece of jewelry, more commitment, commitment to marriage. In addition, there will also be new elections and k gold rings, gold material.

Q: about diamond qualities, I have often heard someone mention 4C specifically refers to what?

a: that the first four standards of judging diamond quality line. 4C  the Cut (  cut), Clarity (  of net), Color (  color), Carat (  carats) 4  a diamond quality points collectively. Will normally be included with the diamond ring Diamond warranty (  certification)   State 4C  on all levels.

Q: I heard that on the inside ring engraving, we will generally carve what word?

a: on the inside ring engraved engagement rings, wedding date or give the date as well as both surnames first letter of pinyin is more common, of course, can also be engraved with two vows of love. Many jewelry stores offer such services, but takes a toll, and some is free.