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Fuzhou wedding

Shop online end of the cheapest Gold offers

"Cyber mode eliminates the traditional wholesale and retail, shop rentals, sales persons, number of intermediate costs such as costs, product prices are a lot cheaper than online stores. ”

"colleagues to buy 3geqian online gold transfer beads was 390 Yuan, she said before this 99 gold rush the net buying a gold necklace, good quality, these days the end of great promotions, only 329 Yuan per gram of gold, so I just bought 3 gold ring, prepare Chinese new year back home to family and friends. "A few days ago, the only qualification of a member of the Shanghai gold exchange network of online shopping platform---99 gold rush played 329 Yuan per gram of gold game-fee-free limited-time promotions, causing heat and the buying of Internet users. And gold shops in Shanghai compared to 420 Yuan per gram of gold, the price is solid gold shop 78%.

this discount etao statistical results are basically the same. According to statistics from etao, 2011, Chinese Internet users purchase goods over the Internet line is the average price of goods under 70%, that is the average discount online shopping this year is 70 percent. Overall, the 2011 online shopping market scale will reach 736.4 billion yuan, this figure 2011 data to save money by shopping online consumer population of Internet users in China has reached 325 billion yuan. Turns out, online shopping has become the most popular way to shop to save money.

   "shopping model eliminates the traditional wholesale and retail, shop rentals, sales persons, number of intermediate costs such as costs, product prices are a lot cheaper than online stores. "99 gold rush, Vice President Ma Jixiang said," even though everyone is accustomed to scouring Internet cheap, but I still have a lot of friends reactions, 329 Yuan, they can't believe the gold price per gram. ”

statistics show that in all the merchandise, jewelry among the biggest online shopping discount rate in the TOP10 list. In recent years, there has been a group of 99 Gold network the electrical contractor specializing in precious metals online shopping businesses, with traditional gold shop strength strong supply chain, as well as features such as custom, gold deposit service, can give than department stores-online store and jewelry shop an edge of the market price. "We hope that the special gold investment properties through online shopping patterns, stepped down from the shrine of the high and inaccessible. ”

Ma told reporters on December 28-31st floor this three days to grab gold, 99 the long-term efforts and prepare for the gold rush, and ultimately transport Pearl 329 Yuan per gram, bullion 339 Yuan per gram, 349 Yuan per gram of gold jewelry price. Despite a began on price hold suspected attitude, but Rob gold effect unexpectedly, as December 31 noon 12 o'clock, activities attract has over 1.5 million independent IP, sales has over 30 kg of gold, plus other gold and silver products of sales, activities during total turnover breakthrough 20 million, average guest price more is breakthrough has 8000 Yuan mark, up to 8,000 of average guest price in network purchased sales in the is first.

experts remind consumers that online trading is developing rapidly at the present stage, but the online market is not standardized, information was mixed, product quality is mixed, purchase precious metals such as gold products over the Internet, you should try to select Shanghai gold exchange and other authorities have authorised unit, and ask for a receipt in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.