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Fuzhou wedding

About wedding rings bride needs to know which?

Marriage, wedding rings are essential, but there is nothing to it? To tell you today! A real bride had to know these well.  

1, source of the engagement ring and wedding ring

to book the wedding ring symbolizes love of tradition from the 16th century Europe. First as a marriage of diamond engagement rings probably date back to Venice, 1503, and wedding rings become wedding tradition. Another way of saying this is Austria Archduke Maximilian (Maximilian) given to the bride Mary of Burgundy (Mary of Burgundy) ring is said to be the first engagement ring in the world.

2, the engagement ring is usually has a prominent diamond

engagement rings often has a prominent diamond, when he was down on one knee holding just the thing. Lots of girls to the shocking extent of engagement ring to decide whether to say "Yes".

3, the engagement ring is usually has a prominent diamond

Exchange of wedding ceremony, Prime circle is usually more elegant. For men, easy to accept, but also for the usual "never took off" with ease.

4, the wedding ring when the simple Prime rings

choice when purchasing a wedding ring, a reasonable size is important (and, Yes, even more important than the face of a ring). Professional brand when you buy a wedding ring, you have to try to wear out the right size. I have a friends wedding ring always easy to take off, often reduces the sincerity of marriage; more friends chose the ring is too small, very beautiful fingers.

5, select lettering in a ring after ring

Western tradition, selected ring after lettering in the circle, first to use the Latin   "God-given with no separation". For us, romantic, faithful, is inscribed on each other's names and wedding date, let the wedding ring Cartier is Tiffany's &Co., are uniquely your own.


6, a wedding ring worn on the ring finger, and love through the heart

according to tradition, an engagement ring and wedding ring is worn on the right hand with the left hand on different fingers. Romantic explanation is that the ring finger vein vena Amoris directly to the heart, the traditional source of love.

7, engagement ring and wedding ring on a finger

now more popular, it is an engagement ring and wedding ring on a finger, look trendy extravagance.

8, if you really love each other, what material the ring is not important

Finally, if you really love each other, what material the ring is not important. Four Weddings and a funeral in the skull fragments and small Strawberry ring as a wedding ring, do not illustrate this point?