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Fuzhou wedding

Buy gold or buy a diamond

Recently, the international gold collection-Yang, a distance of 1600 USD/ounce of integer points is just a step away. When we focused upon gold, and also secretly with diamonds, diamonds international offer is 8 times this year, rose 30%, is also expected to continue to rise.  

diamond prices slipped punches

it is understood that the movement of the retail prices are not uniform, notably the collective pricing appears in the "51", the ancient and modern jewellery shop staff said Mr Kim-ming, about various types of diamond jewelry rose an average of 20%, price 5000 Yuan up on the diamond market is running.

the scarcity of raw materials and labor costs rise, diamond jewellery is the main cause of price increases, inflation, rising investment demand for diamonds, diamond sales prices were also pushed higher. "Better now diamond jewelry prices are more than million, and consumers are buying up not buying down. "Mr Kim said.

in some other jewelry stores, reporters learned recently let diamond jewelry promotions a lot less than a year, holidays common in the past to buy small, pendant necklaces and other activities are now nowhere to be seen, businesses say costs remain high, margins are already thin, it's hard to engage in aggressive promotions.

season early

Zheng is people in Lishui, Jinhua and plans to marry her boyfriend of 3 years at the end of this year, had originally planned to take advantage of the national day promotion to buy jewelry, watch prices have been rising for two months, she could stand it. "The staff said the price would rise, then even with the discount it is difficult to cheaper than it is now, still earlier buy relatively affordable. "The xiaozheng said.

ancient Ming jewelry shop manager Zhu Xuming told reporters that the jewelry industry has "gold and nine silver ten" argument, the usual peak season are stepping on the wedding and holiday time. Many consumers this year in order to get benefits earlier than in previous years, also can act decisively, mostly saw immediately bought.

"Carat choice, consumer finance and investment now sense a lot, we know that buying a diamond is, the more the better, therefore, although married, will also select as possible within the limits of the carat weight. "Zhu Xuming said.

buy gold or buy a diamond

when choosing wedding jewelry, a lot of people get confused: what the election symbol of faithful love and a beautiful diamond ring, or buy an appreciation of gold ring? In this regard, industry insiders said, in the long run, both in a rise in the price of, but diamond investment requires a certain degree of technical expertise, also need to be cautious to buy.

"considering the value of diamonds have weight, clarity, color, cut, color, and other standards, each and every difference, can make diamond prices have a greater difference, coupled with small diamond liquidity, lack of buy-back channels, so it's not for the public investment. "He Xubin Bai in Yiwu, China Gold Store Manager said.

in addition, diamond price jumps suddenly and frequent adjustment this year, contrary to the law of diamonds rose in the past, do not rule out speculation of hot money, the influx of hot money will affect the diamond market, it is difficult to estimate.

therefore, in the case of poor access to diamonds to liquidate, not recommended for ordinary members of the public to follow suit to buy.