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3 eye shadow makeup technique

In daily life, how should we? painted eye shadow? Eye shadow makeup, which is easy to learn and paint it? In our daily life in the common life of makeup eye shadow painting, as well as some common eye-shaped fit.  

1. eye shadow for a flat coating:

Flat coating method is the most common type of eye shadow shading technique, is very simple to master. From root eyelid to the outer corner lashes, towards the Middle eye shading, covered the entire eye, the color gradually fades away, does not exceed 2/3 of the eyelids. Eye brightening, the brow bone. This eye shadow shading, more suitable for double eyelid people to use with big eyes, is also the simplest way to blooming.

2. shadow gradient method:

named thinks, is to have a color shades. In General, is from eye Center to both sides along the lashes at the root of the whole eyelid before and after blooming, the first layer of color over the entire eyelid position 2/3. 1/2 in the second layer of color over the entire eyelid. Finally at the third root of the eyelash of shading, add color, form no trace of color gradients can be. This technique, suitable for people with swollen eyes, or small eyes. Fairly easy to master, but requires care and patience.

    3. eye shadow stereo SUMI method:

first of all we want to know, stereo SUMI method is relatively better makeup techniques later used a technique of control. To paint with accent color to the eye structure, small area, color depth also excessive, natural and soft. Then on the structure, outside the painted eyes and eye sockets, inside corners and under the eyelid. Outer corner slightly larger area, General Brown to strengthen.

finally with bright colors painted on the brow bone and belly where the eye, increased sense of depth. This technique, for the eyes of fat is thin, form a proper person.

draw eye shadow key point reminder:

1. all the colors you want to leave on the eyelash root, most heavily to Eyelash root colors prevail.

2. Pearl eye shadow more easily than matte eye shadow shading evenly.

3. when in doubt with color, try to use no more than two or more colors to draw the eye shadow.

4. the final location should not exceed 2/3 of the eyelid of the eye shadow, eye shadow is to ensure tangible and boundless.